Wednesday, January 5, 2011


People looking at their digital set top boxes cum recorders might as well be happy with the ability to pause, rewind and even record a live show as happening on TV. People were able to store and later watch these shows from the very comforts of their digital boxes. Sky plus Box has been a leader and is perhaps the first name that comes to mind. But then one should know that it was not Sky which began it all. It was a group of English engineers working in the US Company called TiVo that invented this feature.
Now ten years onwards, Sky is majorly dominating the scenario in the United Kingdom as far as the Satellite TV services market is concerned. Virgin Media in collaboration with TiVo launches an advanced breed of boxes which work wonders simply to put it. These boxes are super powerful as they store three times as to what is the storage capacity of Sky Plus Boxes. One may sign up for these Virgin TiVo boxes for as much as £200. Another £26.50 and one may as well get a home phone line from Virgin along with the digital TiVo box.

In case one doesn’t want the home phone service he may simply go for the TiVo box for as much as £6 monthly charges. The hybrid box has a string of other innovative features which are simply not limited to a great storage capacity. One may make use of the unique search and recommendation feature also available.

It may be integrated with the broadband connection and a person may enjoy the Video On Demand feature among others. The device also has its own broadband modem. For once, this is specially an offing that only the Virgin subscribers may enjoy.

Virgin and TiVo are also collaborating with many other companies across the Europe. Sky subscribers may never have experienced such a thing before as the next generation TiVo boxes offered by the Virgin Media to its customers. It would be interesting as to what is going to be Sky’s next move.

Sky Digital Box
is device marketed by Sky to recieve digital and HD signals. Sky+ is also built into Sky Digital Box with an HD subscription.


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